Sunday, October 9, 2011

First Week Finished

Our first full week of school, post-surgery, is done, and it was wonderful and difficult. The wonderful part had to do with students and teachers who were so happy to have T back. Surprisingly, many of our students did not think he would ever be able to return. Their prior experience with cancer had one ending: loss. There were lots of tears, big hugs, and loud expressions of joy. T's office door was covered with blue bulletin board paper, littered with notes from students, brightly welcoming him home. He was also the grateful recipient of a yummy chocolate cake and beautiful cherry pie! Have I mentioned that I don't bake much?

This week was also spirit week, the week of homecoming, and all the extra activities made daily life a bit more difficult. Monday was tiring but not too bad, however Tuesday, T decided that the website had to be updated (he's the webmaster) so worked for hours getting that done. Not smart. His left wrist throbbed with pain for days afterward; lesson learned. Returning home for lunch and a brief rest helped T get through the rest of the week. 

I think the highlight of his week may have been returning to his bible class, Misseo Dei, each afternoon. Among the group are students who sincerely desire to know God more deeply, and others who acknowledge, quite frankly, that He has very little place in their lives. There are a lot of prayers ascending for these students! 

Friday night was the homecoming game, and T felt he just had to be there, even if only for a short while. We went just as the first half was ending, stayed for the coronation of the Homecoming King and Queen, then returned home after the team took the field for the second half. It was good for T to be there but left him with more pain. My mother asked me why the doctors didn't give him pain pills... ahem, they did. However, narcotics and T don't mix well, so he has only taken three pills since mid-September's surgery. Basically he relies on Tylenol, not really taking that too often because he doesn't want to kill his liver. Sigh... I do understand his thinking, but it is difficult to watch him deal with the constant pain. 

Sleeping has been a trick. He created a nest of pillows (six of them) that surround him and prop his arm in just the right position. Staying asleep all night doesn't actually happen, but he's never been a strong sleeper. We painted our bedroom Brown Teepee to create a dark, cave-like space, hoping to help him sleep deeper. It helps some but not enough, especially now.

So, week one is behind us. He is stronger but still in pain. He is definitely exhibiting more mobility, especially in his face. And I have learned to ask before I try to do something for him. It may take him longer to do it himself, but he'd rather try regardless. Thanks for your continued prayers on his behalf. He certainly does need them so please don't quit!

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